Givebug Lifestyle Brand Website

A lifestyle brand that changes lives

Loaded with purpose and goodness, Givebug products are made to look good and help others in need. Their commitment is that 20% of every sale will be donated to local organizations that work tirelessly to help others. We simply wanted to support their cause and design a beautiful, functional website that achieves this goal. givebug2-screenshot givebug2-screenshot6 givebug2-screenshot5 givebug2-screenshot4 givebug2-screenshot3 givebug2-screenshot2

The brand

We designed the logo for Givebug, which became the foundation for the brand. givebug-logo

Custom emails

Givebug sends out custom emails that we designed. givebug-email

Initial concepts

This website was actually designed and built twice. After we created the first one, the business model changed, so the website had to change with it. Here are some of the initial comps. givebug-comp givebug-comp3 givebug-comp2

Original website

This was the initial, original website. givebug-screenshot givebug-screenshot4 givebug-screenshot3 givebug-screenshot2